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A Wretched Hive

What I Will Write About

I will write about Star Wars on my blog that I’ve named Wretched Hive on WordPress.

Who Reads About It

Fans of the Star Wars films, toys, games, and books will be my target audience.

Why They Read It

They search for content about Star Wars because of the sense of imagination and wonder at a world so distant and alien, but still so real and lived in.  People love the Star Wars Universe because it represents the eternal struggle of good versus evil by using characters that hold to Joseph Campbell’s Heroic Journey or “monomyth.”  These themes and archetypes make the story instantly recognizable and relatable, no matter how strange or foreign the locales and creatures may be.

Why Read My Content

Fans of the series will read what I write because I am a life-long fan of the franchise, having seen all the films many times, read many of the Expanded Universe books and comics, owned almost all of the countless action figures, and I’ve never lost my passion for the source material.  I have also been an actor and writer for decades, with a unique perspective on the material.

With a new series of films on the way, who better to guide people through that universe than a dork as big as me?